THE Gillingham and Shaftesbury Show is always one of the best. It was truly challenged this year, thanks to the weather. I have never been so wet, aside from swimming or having a bath.

My so-called waterproof jacket was not. Nothing I was wearing was left dry. But the show was still wonderful.

The animals didn’t seem to mind. Their owners were less keen.

I had to pull my husband’s wellingtons off at the end of the day, as even his socks were sodden and sticking to his boots.

Despite the awful conditions, the show went ahead with, as you can see, a good time being had by most.

Thoughts go out to the organisers though, who had obviously meticulously planned the day. They should know that, by those who did attend, the driving rain did not ruin what was a thoroughly enjoyable day.

More pictures will be published in next week’s Journal, or see the September issue of The Southern Farmer.