PLANS for an eco village of 60 homes on an industrial estate between Salisbury Rugby Club and Hudson’s Field have been turned down by Wiltshire Council’s strategic planning committee.

The committee heard Fairfields Eco Village would consist of 36 houses and 24 apartments with all the latest green credentials, with 30 per cent affordable housing.

But at a meeting of the council’s strategic planning committee at Salisbury City Hall this morning, members refused permission because if the outline application was granted, the developer would not be obliged to stick to the eco village designs put forward.

Councillor Fred Westmoreland said while he didn’t object to development of the site, design should be the most important consideration as the houses would be visible from all angles, including from the Old Sarum monument. “What is needed here is some sort of design principle,” he said.

“Design is first, last and everything.” “I happen to think Salisbury is an ancient monument and if we do something which actually makes approaches to Salisbury look less than they do now, then we are not serving this city as we should.”

Members raised concerns about the loss of employment at the site and the relocating of the existing businesses on the Castle Works estate, including Janspeed and Burlen Fuel Systems.

Concerns about access to the site, traffic along Castle Road, parking, the height of proposed dwellings, and the proximity to Salisbury Rugby Club were also raised by residents and by Salisbury City Council.

The committee voted unanimously to refuse permission.