THE country’s largest trade union has employed a new community co-ordinator for the south west to mobilise the unemployed, students and the retired to improve their communities.

Unite has appointed Brett Sparkes from Wiltshire to bring together groups not covered by traditional trade union membership so they can get involved in campaigns in their area, like saving their local library from closure.

Mr Sparkes, 40, said: “Across the south west, communities feel like they don’t have a voice. Unite community membership is going to help change that. We think it’s time people who don’t have a job for whatever reason are now going to have access to the benefits of trade union membership.

“That means members will have access to all kinds of training and education in order to enhance their skills. But most importantly, it will allow communities to come together and get organised to create positive change.”

Mr Sparkes said he is looking forward to working with communities in the region to help them identify their campaigning priorities and working to bring them about.