PROTESTORS held a knit-in in Salisbury’s Guildhall square at the weekend to draw attention to Wiltshire Council plans to remove parking from the Market Place.

The council is to revamp the area, putting in new surfacing, creating more open space and removing parking.

The protestors are concerned at the removal of disabled parking spaces, which will instead be provided in other town centre locations.

They showed their concern by knitting ‘red tape’ and using it to decorate signs and trees in the square, and plan to repeat their demonstration during this week.

Spokesman Helen Farmer said: “The Market and Guildhall squares in Salisbury are the only car parks within 250 metres of the library, Post Office, banks and pharmacy.

“Finding a Blue Badge space in Salisbury is difficult at the best of times, and on market days when this city centre car park is closed, many blue badge holders avoid the city all together, as they know they won't find a space without driving around the one way system several times.


“The council has an obligation to provide parking for disabled people. Not all disabled people are blue badge holders, as these are only given to those with the most severely restricted mobility.

“New rules mean only those unable to walk no further than 80 metres are now allowed a blue badge.”

A spokesman for Wiltshire Council said that no disabled parking spaces will be removed until alternative spaces are in place.

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