HUNDREDS of people in Wiltshire are stripping off in the snow and sharing their pictures online in a new craze sweeping the county.

Leanne Myers, a carer from Durrington, came up with the idea after a hard day at work at Salisbury’s Prime Care Agency on Friday, when carers battled to get to those they support despite the weather conditions. “It was awful, there was crying and crashed cars,” said Mrs Myers. “I came home and wanted to cheer people up.”

Mrs Myers set up a Facebook page called ‘Wiltshire “Lets get naked in the snow”’ and posted a picture of herself and neighbour Danielle Smith posing with guitars.

The idea quickly snowballed and more than 4,400 people have now liked the page, with hundreds of people of all ages sharing their pictures.

Mrs Myers said: “It was just put on Facebook for a few girls I work with who said ‘you wouldn’t dare’. Thousands of people like the page and there are constant messages, it’s just crazy.”

She is hoping to use the page to raise money for charity, through calendars or wrist bands, and is appealing for help with setting it up.

“I’d like to open this page up and carry this on every time we get some snow,” she said.

To contact Mrs Myers, send a message through the ‘Wiltshire “Lets get naked in the snow”’ Facebook page.