DANCERS at Mere School have been honing their skills in a Strictly Come Dancing-style competition. Year 6 pupils were asked to get involved with planning their dance lessons and thinking about what the perfect dance lesson would be.

Music teacher Rebecca Smith said: “One of the pupils suggested Strictly Come Dancing and the class was unanimously enthusiastic. I gave them a set of scoreboard criteria based on our objectives for dance for the term, and chose two very different piece of music.”

The Doop Doop Song was chosen for the Charleston dance and It’s Like That by Run DMC for a dance off. The class watched the music videos for both songs to get ideas and then worked in pairs for the Charleston and in groups of six to eight for the dance off.

Competition day was watched by most of the school, and every child performed at least one dance.

Year 6 entered the hall to the Strictly Come Dancing theme tune and much applause from the rest of the school.

Mrs Smith said: “Year 6 showed real confidence and charisma. They worked well as a team and all contributed lots of ideas. It was a really fun afternoon.”