ROADWORKS will be in place on a busy Salisbury Road for the next month as lighting is replaced.

The works along a one-mile stretch of the A36 at Petersfinger started on Monday, with the aim to enhance the lighting, improve safety and reduce energy usage, and are expected to be in place until March 27.

This week, work is being carried out between 9am and 3pm and overnight from 7pm to 6am using temporary traffic lights. The rest of the work will be carried out mostly at night, between 7pm and 6am, with occasional daytime work.

Project sponsor Dave Sanderson said: “Safety is a priority for the Highways Agency. The new lights we’re installing on the A36 are more efficient at lighting the carriageway, minimising light pollution and reducing carbon emissions.

“They also feature a safer lamp column design, offering greater protection in the event of a collision.”