A SALISBURY resident who highlighted the “diabolical” condition of a potholed road 18 months ago is furious, as he says not a single repair has been carried out since.

Geoff Hall says Windsor Street is now worse than ever, and in heavy rain the middle becomes flooded, causing passing cars to splash water onto the front doors of homes in the road.

Mr Hall, a building site manager, said: “It’s bad enough that we have to pay £80 to park our cars there, but we also have to put up with the very poor condition of the road – 80 per cent of it is indented in the middle.

“When it rains the water pools in the middle and it can be between two and three inches deep. I’m fed up with contacting the council about the state of it and getting no response.”

Mr Hall, who tripped and fell on the uneven surface two years ago, spraining his ankle and injuring his shoulder, said remedial works carried out at the beginning of August 2011 did little good.

He said: “When I saw they had closed the road I thought ‘great, they’re going to do something’, but they did a bodge job patching up the road surface with a material called cold pour – what they need to do is completely resurface it.”

A Wiltshire Council spokesman said while it continued to invest in highway maintenance, it was necessary to “prioritise expenditure”.

She said: “The major roads which carry the most traffic or those where there are serious safety concerns are treated as a priority.

Although Windsor Street is not listed on any forthcoming annual programme, the council will continue to review it when preparing our annual programmes. We will also continue to monitor this road and carry out necessary work when it is needed.”