CONCERNED residents have launched a petition to protest against the window display at a Salisbury sex shop.

Amazing Fantasy, in Fisherton Street, has recently been refurbished and its new display has been branded “inappropriate” and “more obvious”, by people living nearby.

Nelly Bull, who lives in Dews Road, launched a petition that has been signed by more than 40 people in just a few days.

“It is very worrying,” she said.

“There are pictures of women in provocative poses displayed right at the eye level of a small child.

“There have also been slogans in the window, again at the eye level of children, which are not appropriate for them to read.

“I am truly appalled. We have a responsibility to protect our children.

“I am not heading any vendetta against this shop. They have freedom to trade, but as a community we have the right to strive for better standards and decency in our streets.”

Many of Mrs Bull’s neighbours and other traders have also signed the petition which was handed to Wiltshire councillor for the St Paul’s ward, Richard Clewer, on Tuesday.

“I am not at all surprised by the opposition to this display,” said cllr Clewer.

“Since the shop was refurbished it has become more noticeable and obvious.

“I am not sure what the position is with regards to enforcement action, but I will speak to the council’s licensing department for guidance.

“Businesses do have a right to trade but there must be a balance and consideration when there are people, especially children, living nearby.”

Jonathan Spencer, manager of Amazing Fantasy, which has been trading for 18 years, said: “There is nothing you would see in our window that you wouldn’t see in the window of other high street shops and their pictures are much bigger and more obvious.

“Why should we black out our windows which would make the shop seem seedy? That is not what we are about at all.

“We have simply had a lick of paint and changed our stock – it is mostly lingerie.

“People who have been into the shop have been impressed with how it looks and trade has been up 63 per cent since the refurbishment.

“We have reduced the amount of stock we need a licence to sell and everything is legal.

“There is a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding. We are trying to change the image of this business.

“I run similar shops in other places and have won awards – I am surprised by this reaction.

“I am very happy to meet with the residents – either in the shop or outside – if they want to discuss their concerns