SHOPPERS can now get their cars washed as they shop in Salisbury’s Old George Mall.

Fifteen of the 548 spaces in the multi-storey car park attached to the centre have been given over to car wash company The Car Wash.

Centre manager Jon Osgood said the decision was made after careful consideration of the best use of the space to benefit people who park there. He said: “It is to give our customers a better service.

“A car park is a business like any other and we wouldn’t have made a commercial decision that would have a negative effect on our tenants or our customers.”

But some customers are unconvinced by the move.

Molly Lerwell, from Pitton, said: “I think it is very antisocial. It has all worked very well for so long and now suddenly it has gone so commercial.”

Another shopper, Sheila Cullen, said: “I’m furious about it. There are 15 spaces that now can’t be used for parking.”