A CHARITY that gives disabled children the chance to go to parties is appealing for more support.

Play Partner Parties holds monthly parties at the Five Rivers Leisure Centre but fears have been raised about its future due to a shortage of funding.

The charity was set up two years ago to give physically and learning disabled five to 17-yearolds the chance to experience the fun of parties.

Young guests enjoy a bouncy castle, games, sports, multi-sensory activities and play equipment before sitting down to a party tea.

A team of teenagers from local schools volunteer to help out at the parties, befriending the children and making sure they have a good time.

Parties take place on a Sunday and have around 20 guests.

But Play Partner Parties was dealt a blow when an expected donation that would have covered the cost of the next three parties was withdrawn.

The committee is now desperately fundraising but say they urgently need help and support to keep going.

Each party costs around £220 to put on and they are free for the young guests, their siblings and parents to attend.

The charity says that going to parties can help disabled children combat feelings of isolation.

“Many children get invited to parties all the time,” said committee member Cally Scammell, whose six-year-old daughter Isabelle has a rare genetic disorder that causes learning difficulties.

“But learning disabled children often miss out on this important social experience.

“Isabelle gets very upset when her brother gets invited to parties and she doesn’t. It can be very alienating. These parties allow the children to make new friends, enjoy free-play and make them feel that they are guests at a special event.

“They always have a wonderful time and it would be very upsetting if the parties were to stop.”

The next party takes place on Sunday afternoon and anyone who would like to find out more about the charity or has a child that would like to attend can visit salisburyplaypartnerparties.com.

n Any individual or business that would like to support the charity can get in touch through the contact us section of the charity’s website.