A COUPLE who have been married for 50 years will celebrate their golden day with their loved ones at the weekend.

Arthur Thomas, 76, and his wife Brenda, 77, are planning a meal with their family to mark the occasion.

“We will celebrate together with our very close family,” said Mrs Thomas. “We’d also like to have an open house for people to come and visit us.” “We’re looking forward to going out for a meal with our family.”

The couple met at a church service in London in April 1963, where Mr Thomas was ministering. Love blossomed and they got engaged a month later, marrying at Gabalfa Baptist Church, Cardiff on January 25, 1964.

They moved to Salisbury about 20 years later, with their son Lorne and daughter Rachel, settling in Manor Farm Road, Salisbury.

Mr Thomas travelled the world as part of his ministry duties but was unable to continue in retirement due to health problems.

They are both keen members of the congregation of St Paul’s church and spend a lot of time there. Mrs Thomas also enjoys swimming, pilates, going to the gym and folk dancing. “We’ve had a long and happy marriage,” she added.

“Every day is precious and our children have been brilliant. Life’s been a challenge.” Mr and Mrs Thomas also have two grandchildren, Gemma and Thomas.