POLICE are appealing for witnesses after a car caused a crash on the A303 on Thursday.

Two vehicles joined the A303 at the Amesbury Road junction east of Solstice Park on Beacon Hill. They started travelling west when one of the cars, a small red or brown car deliberately pulled in front of a silver Mercedes E220 and slammed on its brakes.

The manoeuvre caused the Mercedes driver to lose control and become stranded in lane two, where a red Peugeot 206 collided with the Mercedes.

The driver of the small car that caused the collision stopped and gestured at the Mercedes driver before driving off.

PC Gary Rosier said: “There were no injuries caused by the collision, but this was more down to luck considering the time of day and volume of traffic and it could have been significantly worse.”

Anyone who witnessed the collision or might have any information about the car or the driver can contact PC Rosier at Headquarters Response in Devizes on 101.