A MEDICAL tribunal has ruled a doctor accused of carrying out inappropriate examinations on female patients in Salisbury was not sexually motivated.

Dr Kendon Macdonald was accused of performing unnecessary examinations, failing to request a female member of staff take swabs, failing to respect patients’ privacy and dignity and inappropriately moving patients into the examination position.

The incidents were alleged to have taken place when Dr Macdonald was working as a consultant at Salisbury District Hospital in 2010. The case was adjourned in August last year and reconvened on March 5.

The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service panel announced its findings on Monday, ruling that the examinations, although not standard practice, were within national guidelines.

It also found there was not enough evidence that Dr Macdonald failed to respect patients’ privacy.

The tribunal’s report stated: “The panel consistently heard evidence that Dr Macdonald is a clinically sound doctor who is thorough in his examinations and his record keeping.

However, it said he had exhibited “a lack of sensitivity”

to female patients when disregarding their requests for a female practitioner, and that when he moved patients into position for examinations, Dr Macdonald “acknowledges with the benefit of hindsight and an opportunity to reflect on his medical practices, his behaviour had been inappropriate”.

The panel concluded that although Dr Macdonald had adopted unacceptable practices and demonstrated a lack of sensitivity, they did not find any evidence that his behaviour was sexually motivated.

The tribunal heard that after a colleague had reported her concerns about the number of procedures he was carrying out, Dr Macdonald wrote a series of fake letters pretending to be staff and patients to make it appear as if there was a vendetta against him.

He later admitted he had written the letters, which contained overtly sexualised content, when an expert instructed by his defence team concluded they were in his handwriting.

The panel said writing the letters was a deliberate and calculated action and Dr Macdonald’s behaviour was dishonest.

Dr Macdonald has been suspended from working in the UK until the case is concluded.

The hearing was adjourned part-heard and will reconvene at a date to be confirmed to decide whether his fitness to practise is impaired.