NEW warning signs are to be installed in Devizes Road near St Paul’s roundabout, advising motorists they are approaching a zebra crossing.

But the Salisbury Community Area Transport Group decided against spending £4,800 on special lighting that would make the crossing more obvious.

Residents living in the area have appealed for safety to be improved at the zebra crossing, which has been the scene of several accidents in recent years.

In September 69-year-old Michael Hartley was knocked over and injured by a car that failed to stop in time and there were two more accidents at the crossing during the winter.

Requests were made to move the crossing, which is after a bend when the road straightens out and becomes a 30mph zone.

People who use it regularly say motorists are often speeding up as they head out of the city and don’t give themselves enough time to stop.

But highways officers said moving the crossing further up Devizes Road would be impossible because the pavement is too narrow, and relocating it closer to St Paul’s Roundabout would just make the problem worse.

The Community Area Transport Group considered spending £6,000 on new signage and special Zebrite lighting which would illuminate the crossing.

But they decided that extra signs would be enough and the lighting wasn’t necessary, choosing to spend the money on extra bus shelters instead.

But ward councillor Richard Clewer said he was disappointed with the decision. “I think safety should be a priority,” he said.

“Extra bus shelters are all very well, but this crossing has been the scene of accidents.

“More signs will only add to the street clutter and won’t make the crossing as obvious as the lighting would have, particularly at dusk and at night.

“I will wait to see what the public reaction is but I expect there may continue to be concerns about the safety of this crossing.”