A GROUP of five food fans from Salisbury had fans of Come Dine With Me in stitches in 2012, and now the hit Channel 4 show is looking for more contestants from the city for its new series.

The amateur cookery show in which each person takes a turn to cook a meal for the others in their own home was filmed in the city in June 2012.

Jane Arnold, Chris Hiller, Anthony Brown-Hovelt, Natasha Conti and Sophie McConnell were chosen from thousands of applicants to take part.

The quintet kept viewers amused as Miss McConnell entertained them with a pig race, former army major and Wilton councillor Mr Brown-Hovelt cooked his guests a dish from Uzbekistan and self-confessed penny-pincher Mr Hiller attempted to serve up a meal for all four guests for under £20.

Miss Conti was voted the winner of the £1,000 prize by her fellow diners and the episode proved to be one of the highlights of the series.

 “It was amazingly good fun,” said book dealer Ms Arnold after filming the show.

“It was just doing something completely and utterly different from everyday life.

Channel 4 is looking for entrants aged 18 and over from in and around Salisbury, with filming dates between June 2 and 6.

To find out more email laura.doherty@itv.com or call 0871 2444142.