THE Roman Army will be invading Old Sarum this bank holiday weekend.

The Ermine Street Guard will be setting up camp in Old Sarum’s ancient grounds, and be transported back to an age of invading legions, cut throat centurions and fearsome siege machines.

The Guard will transport visitors back in time to Sorviodunum, as Old Sarum became known in Roman times, as their colourful legion demonstrate the combat skills, battle tactics and artillery firepower which made the Roman army such a formidable fighting force.

“The Ermine Street Guard is the leading Roman re-enactment group in the country, and I can’t wait to see them mounting their invasion on Old Sarum this weekend,” said Old Sarum events manager Ella Harrison.

“The Centurion will lead a legion of Roman soldiers as they launch their attack - dressed head to toe in authentic armour and armed ready for battle, families will be transported right back to ancient Sorviodunum and the time of the conquest of Britain in 43 AD. It’s going to be a breath-taking way to experience first-hand the thrill of a Roman invasion.”

Alongside enjoying displays of army tactics and skill, visitors will be able to explore the encampment and talk to the mighty imperial roman army about life on the road, take part in children’s craft activities and battle drills, and get a taste for Roman cuisine with special cookery workshops.

The Ermine Street Guard can be seen in the Romans Invade event at Old Sarum tomorrow and Monday. A range of events and displays will run throughout both days including the following scheduled activities:

10.30am: Roman Artillery – outer bailey

11am: Children’s Roman Drill - inner bailey

Noon: Roman Military Drill Display - outer bailey

1pm: Roman Cookery - outer bailey

2pm: Children’s Gladiator Show – inner bailey

3pm: Roman Military Drill Display – outer bailey

4pm: Roman Cookery – outer bailey

4.30pm: Roman Artillery – outer bailey

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