SALISBURY’S first cider festival at the weekend has been hailed as a great success.

The event at Castle Street Social Club on Friday night and Saturday saw people sampling 21 different ciders and enjoying some live music from local bands.

Lead organiser Steve Wyre, from the We Love Cider team, said things got off to a slow start on Friday but by Saturday night there were lots of people having a good time.

The top selling cider was Leg Wobbler from the Weymouth Cider Company and the We Love Cider team voted Worley’s Browns SV their favourite cider of the festival.

Mr Wyre said: “The music went down very well, with particular praise for Salisbury-based Dan Sowerby, producing a brilliant set with Hugh Budden and the Blue Chords.

“The first Salisbury Cider Festival was a great success and we are already planning the second.”