WORK is under way to repair the boardwalk at the Avon Valley nature reserve, which was badly damaged in this winter’s storms.

Part of the wooden walkway was swept away in the bad weather and another section was severely damaged when several large willow trees crashed down on top of it.

The boardwalk is managed and maintained by Salisbury City Council, which is restoring and extending it in partnership with Natural England, the Environment Agency and Wiltshire Wildlife Trust.

Over the last few months, representatives from the three agencies have been working to secure additional funding, organise the necessary permits to repair the damaged sections and arrange the extension of the boardwalk.

Chris Stringer, parks manager for Salisbury City Council, said: “Our contractor, Aquascience Ltd, will start repairing the boardwalk next week. It will be constructed from durable recycled plastic timber which will be anchored securely into the river bank. This should prevent it from being swept away in any future flooding.”