BUS operator Salisbury Reds is appealing for people with bus memorabilia collected in the area over the last 100 years.

The firm is planning its centenary celebrations next year and is seeking out old timetables, photos, bus tickets, fare charts, driver badges and other pieces of bus history to appear in a commemorative book to mark the anniversary.

Operations manager Andrew Sherrington said: “It’s a wonderful achievement to have been operating as Salisbury Reds - and before that as Wilts and Dorset - for nearly 100 years.

“This is a real piece of local history - and we’re hoping people living in the area will be able to help us by providing pieces of memorabilia for us to photograph for the book. We have such a connection with the area, I have no doubt there are all sorts of interesting trinkets and collectors’ items that we’re just not aware of.

“Pictures of family at work - or at bus-related social occasions would be great too.

“We’re asking only to borrow these items, and promise to take care of them. We’re very excited about the book - and we’re planning lots of events in 2015 to celebrate what is an incredible milestone in the history of the area.”

Anyone with interesting items to submit is asked contact Debbie Potter at debbie.potter@salisburyreds.co.uk or call 01722 410235, or visit salisburyreds.co.uk.