PEOPLE can now support the air ambulance while also being in with the chance to win prizes of up to £25,000.

The new Wiltshire Air Ambulance Superdraw lottery, launched on Monday, gives members of the charity’s regular weekly lottery the opportunity to purchase an additional chance in the Superdraw for £1. The regular lottery offers a weekly top prize of £1,000, and players of both regular and Superdraw must be 16 or over.

Wiltshire Air Ambulance head of events and charity services Claire Kelly said: “Our regular lottery has 23,400 members who raise more than £578,000 a year. We are extremely grateful for the ongoing support, which is helping to secure the long-term future of our lifesaving service.

“We are totally reliant on the generosity of local people to keep us flying. The money raised from our lotteries provides regular, steady income we can rely on, enabling us to plan ahead and ensure we can continue to save lives across the country.

“By introducing Superdraw we hope even more people will join our lotteries and help keep us operational.”