A PUB landlord from Winterbourne Stoke is hosting a charity bungee jump inspired by his four-year-old daughter, who has Type 1 diabetes.

Brett Smith, who is landlord at The Bell Inn, is appealing for thrill seekers to sign up and take part in the jump on July 5 to raise money for Diabetes UK.

His daughter Megan was diagnosed at the age of two after becoming very thirsty and feeling unwell. She now receives insulin continuously through a pump attached to her body, and has her blood glucose level monitored every two hours by her parents during the day, and frequently throughout the night.

Those with Type 1 diabetes cannot produce insulin and it is not known exactly what causes it.

It is currently not preventable and it usually affects children or young adults, starting suddenly and getting worse quickly.

Mr Smith said: “Megan has always coped really well with her diabetes. She is a lovely, lively little girl who is not stopped from doing anything by the condition.

“But Type 1 diabetes can be difficult to manage, and a cold or minor illness can really affect her blood glucose levels, so we often check her blood at night as well as through the day.

“We have good days, and bad days, like all families with a child with Type 1 diabetes. I wanted to fundraise for Diabetes UK to fund more research to find a cure or new ways of treating diabetes to help Megan in the future.

“We have had lots of interest in the bungee jump, and we want as many people as possible to sign up. As this is Diabetes Week, I hope lots of people will be inspired to take part, or to sponsor someone who is.”

Participants in the 185ft jump from a crane outside the pub are asked to pay £50 to cover costs and raise money through sponsorship for Diabetes UK.

To sign up for the bungee jump, contact Mr Smith on 01980 620767.