THERE is a rising tide of local opinion against the proposed Asda supermarket in London Road, according to people living nearby.

Several Bishopdown Farm and Hampton Park residents have raised concerns about the increased traffic and noise that could result from the new store and have written to Wiltshire Council’s planning department to express their views.

They have also questioned whether London Road is the best place for a supermarket fearing that it could become a “second Southampton Road.”

Linda Slater, who lives in Lindford Road near the proposed new store, wrote to Asda stating: “There is a strong negative view against this store. It will cause horrendous traffic hold-ups around the Hampton Park roundabout and the new housing developments will add to this huge problem.

“I am strongly against this build and hope that you listen to the opinions of local residents.”

People living at Bishopdown Farm have also raised fears about extra litter, pollution, discarded trolleys and noise.

And they are worried that nearby Church Road through Laverstock will become even busier and more dangerous for children attending the schools there.

Aldi also wants to build on London Road, at the site of the former Autecnique garage.

“We are not a huge population and do we really need another two superstores?” asked local resident Kirsty Maguire.

“We need to learn from past mistakes in Southampton Road and keep Salisbury a beautiful place.”

Bishopdown Farm residents are also questioning the impact Asda could have on businesses in the city centre.

The application will be debated by Salisbury City Council’s planning and transportation committee at a meeting being held in the Guildhall at 6.30pm on Monday, June 16, when councillors will receive a presentation from Asda’s consultants.

Asda says it will carry out full traffic impact assessments and continue to work with local residents throughout the planning process.

The retailer says that 79 per cent of people in Salisbury are in favour of the store and it has received a lot of positive feedback from shoppers looking for more choice.