WILTSHIRE Police have carried out an operation targeting the problem of human trafficking.

Officers from the Human Exploitation Team (HEET), Salisbury neighbourhood policing team and HM Customs minimum wage team visited three hand car washes to see if any workers were victims of human trafficking or were being exploited.

A number of foreign nationals from Bulgaria, Romania, Poland and Albania were working at two locations while only British nationals were identified at the third.

Detective Constable Anthony King of the HEET said: “None of the foreign nationals complained about being trafficked but inquiries are ongoing regarding the wages some of those spoken to have claimed they are paid. These investigations will be continued by HMRC.

“These raids should act as a stark warning to anyone involved in the illegal trade of human trafficking that the net is closing.

“Human trafficking and sexual exploitation are abhorrent crimes which see people being used as commodities – traded between others, usually for financial gain.

“Community-based intelligence proves crucial in investigations such as this and I would always urge anyone with information on something they think is suspicious to report it to Wiltshire Police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”

For more information on human trafficking and the laws around it go to soca.gov.uk.