A STUDENT from Salisbury is appealing for help to fund a three-week trip to Kenya to help build a school.

Hannah Kirkham, who is studying environmental science at Southampton University, is travelling to Nakuru from July 11.

She will be helping to build a school, sanitation facilities and a volleyball shelter for a local disabled team.

While out the group will be visiting the two charities they are supporting, The Nakuru Children's Project, who are dedicated to relieving poverty and improving education, and The Tusk Trust, which works to preserve Africa's natural heritage and the future of its land, culture and people. After two weeks the group will then experience what the Nakuru National Park has to offer, in forms of adventurous training such as rock climbing and the possibility of climbing Mount Kenya.

Miss Kirkham is appealing for help to raise money for the charities and will also be paying a contribution of £500 to pay for travel.

To donate, visit justgiving.com/Hannah-Kirkham1.