CHILDREN in Shrewton are telling the adults how they think the village should develop and move forward.

The youngsters are following the example of the grown-up villages by producing their own neighbourhood plan.

Around the country, towns, parishes and villages are given the chance to influence their own future by producing neighbourhood plans.

Shrewton is one of many villages in the Salisbury area to produce a plan and to help achieve this have produced a Villager Questionnaire and a website at

But the children at Shrewton Primary School are not being left behind and are working on their own Kids Neighbourhood Plan.

Terry Kemp, one of the village neighbourhood planning volunteers in the village, said: “The kids at the school have accepted the challenge of doing their plan.

“Bearing in mind that they will be the inheritors of the decisions of us 'grown-ups', it is only fair we give them a voice - and if the school workshop is anything to go on they have some ideas.”