POLICE are warning people to take care that opening doors and windows in the warm weather doesn’t gives thieves easy access to their homes.

The warning comes after an opportunist burglary in Hudson Road when a thief got in through an open window and took a Sony Playstation and about 30 games.

DS Nigel Porter of Wiltshire Police said: “We live in one of the safest counties in the country with a low burglary rate. However, opportunists can strike anywhere and it is important that people heed advice to prevent themselves becoming a victim.

“Thieves take advantage of this hot weather, as they know people leave their doors and windows unlocked/open more often than usual. It’s a perfect situation for thieves as it provides easy access in to homes and cars to steal belongings quickly without any problems.

“Simple efforts, like making sure doors and windows are secure when going to bed or when you’re out, will put them off. Burglaries also happen during the day so if, for example, you're in the back garden, lock the front door. Enjoying the hot weather can often mean that people forget this important advice.”

anyone with information PC Emma Fisher at Amesbury Police Station on 101.