THE organisers of Tisbury Carnival are appealing from more entries. The carnival royals crowning ceremony was held in the village on Saturday.

This year's carnival queen is Felicity Snook, 11, the prince is Bernie McManus, 12, and the princesses are Poppy Hatton, ten, and seven-year-old Chloe Penny.

Judith Wells, who is involved in the carnival and swimming pool committees in the village, was crowned glam granny.

But this year's carnival could be the last unless more people in the village get involved in the annual event.

Valerie Rideout, chairman of the committee, said: “What we are trying to get out there is that if there are no more entries this year it will die. We work really hard during the year - my husband and I raised £3,000 through different events to make it better, but we haven't got the entries.”

“It's a shame really,” she added. “The event gets support, and lots of people come to see it but we need people to enter.”

Tisbury Business Association is getting involved with the carnival this year for the first time.

This year's carnival is on September 20 and people interested in entering can pick up an application form from Tisbury Motors or contact Mrs Rideout on 01747 870478.

There are also a number of trailers available for people interested in building a float. Contact Mrs Rideout for more details.