AS the summer weather continues, Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service is warning people to take care when having a barbecue.

So far this year, the service has dealt with nine incidents involving barbecues, three of which were as a result of incorrect disposal.

Kathy Collis, group manager, said: “Cooking and entertaining outdoors is one of the great joys of summer, but things can go very wrong very quickly if you don’t take care. When you’re at home, it’s easier to put precautions in place, but we also want to remind people of the risks of using barbecues when out in the countryside, so that they can stay safe.”

People are warned to make sure the barbecue is on a level service and away from vegetation and sheds; never use petrol or paraffin; keep children and pets well away; and don’t move or empty the barbecue until the ashes are cold.

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