A BUILDER had a lucky escape when the scaffolding he was working on was hit by a double decker bus and dragged 12 feet along the road.

James Smith was on the top of the scaffolding on the corner of St Ann Street shortly after 2pm today when the Salisbury Reds bus struck it and dragged the scaffolding round into Exeter Street.

He said: “He just pulled it along and I was banging on the roof of the bus screaming at him to stop. I thought I was going to have to jump on the bus, if he'd pulled it much further the scaffolding would've fallen down.”

Mr Smith hit his head on a metal bracket on the building as the scaffolding was dragged round the corner.

He was checked over by paramedics but didn't suffer any serious injuries. “I went a bit light-headed and dizzy but I think it was the shock. I was trying to make sense of it and there were lots of people around me. The paramedic checked me over and said to keep an eye on it.”

Mr Smith and Larry Spake, from Alpha Builders, were on the first day of a week-long job to repoint the Grade II listed building, which contains two flats, because it had previously been hit by a lorry.

Mr Spake was on the ground when the bus hit the scaffolding. “I had just got off and managed to stop the bus from going any further. It's not been a good day for us.”

“First we forgot our ladder, we left our sand and cement at home and then this happened,” added Mr Smith.

Exeter Street was closed off while the incident was dealt with. The scaffolding company had to travel from Frome to dismantle the structure.

As well as damage to the building, a road sign and the scaffolding were bent and windows in the top deck of the bus were smashed.

Andrew Sherrington from Salisbury Reds said: “Our primary concern is for the welfare of the person who was injured - and we wish him a full and speedy recovery. No passengers aboard the bus were hurt.
“Safety is of paramount importance to us and we are conducting a full internal inquiry to determine the cause of this accident. We are also standing by to co-operate fully with any external investigation.”