ALDI’S plans to open a store on London Road in Salisbury are worrying city councillors.

Planning committee members meeting on Monday described the proposed access arrangements for the site as “entirely unsuitable”.

They agreed that although they wanted to see the land redeveloped, and Aldi appeared to be a good opportunity, they would have to object to the scheme as it stood.

Aldi wants to put an extra parking deck over the park and ride, creating 90 spaces for shoppers.

Delivery lorries would come up London Road from the city centre and turn right onto the site.

Cllr Colin Froude, who represents the Bishopdown area, showed the committee video footage of a parked lorry blocking London Road close to the Aldi site during the morning rush hour while its driver popped in to the garage opposite to buy a coffee.

The garage and associated Marks & Spencer shop were “the real menace”, he said, confessing that he cycles on the pavement because the road is already too dangerous.

He said: “Most people like the idea of that kind of top-up shop, and the traffic peaks they produce fit in with the lulls down the A30. It would be good for jobs.

“It’s an exciting proposal, but I’m convinced that having access off the A30 is not the right thing to do.”

Cllr John Lindley, the chairman, said he was concerned about how HGVs would turn right across the traffic at peak times. “I would dearly love to have Aldi in Salisbury,”

he said, “but is this the right site?”

A decision will be made by Wiltshire Council.