A SINGLE light illuminates Stonehenge as the country pays respect to those who died in the First World War.

The conflict dramatically transformed the Wiltshire landscape, with Stonehenge located amidst the largest military training camp in the world. As part of English Heritage’s commemoration of the centenary, a new special exhibition, Soldiers at Stonehenge, will launch at the Stonehenge visitor centre.

It will be unveiled in November to tell the story of the Stonehenge landscape, its neighbouring communities, and how they were altered by the war.

The exhibition will feature personal stories, photographs and original objects drawn from a range of museums and private, local and national collections, including some never seen on display before. These share the story of what life was like for the men who lived and trained on Salisbury Plain, and how reminders of their presence can still be seen across the wider Stonehenge landscape.