THIRTY seven staff members at Salisbury District Hospital have received awards for completing 25 years’ continuous service in the NHS.

Certificates, flowers and a gifts were presented to the dedicated staff.

Nick Marsden, chairman of Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust and chief executive Peter Hill did the honours.

Mr Hill said: "In the year that we celebrate the 21st anniversary of the hospital it was great to reflect on the enormous contribution our staff have made to the NHS and to local health services over the years.

“Between them these 37 staff members have amassed over 900 years’ service to local health services. We also currently have around 1,300 staff who have worked for the hospital for more than a decade.”

The full list of staff who’ve served for 25 years is: Anne Francis, Anne Seaman, Audrey Martin, Barbara Crouch, Carolyn Sawyer, Catherine Butcher, Daphne Phillips, Deanne Austin-Sant, Denise Russell, Dominic Holbourne, Gary Marshall, Gary Robert, Gill Williams, Helen Gillott, Helen Moule, Jane Daniel, Jane Morris, Jennifer Sword, Jo Hembury, John Keever, Karen Harrington, Katy Wood, Kim Hutchings, Linda Savage, Louise Kettle, Mary Nellis, Nicholas Reed, Nicola Hobbs, Pauline Manktelow, Richard Bolton, Sandra Higdon, Sara Dear, Sarah Godwin, Sharon Noble, Sylvie Jackson, Terry Cottle and Alan Denton.