SALISBURY’S London Road is in danger of becoming just as clogged up as Southampton Road, city councillors fear.

They are becoming increasingly concerned about the cumulative impact of development along the busy road.

Now they have written to Wiltshire Council’s deputy leader and highways chief John Thomson to warn him about the danger.

“Without some prompt and firm action there is every possibility that Salisbury will have another Southampton Road on its hands,” says the letter from planning committee chairman John Lindley.

Asda and Aldi both want to build stores alongside the road.

City councillors are in favour of Asda, as long as a 30mph limit is imposed right up to the A338 roundabout, and safe access to buses is provided, along with access for cyclists and pedestrians from Green Lane.

They believe that although the store will attract traffic it will also mean fewer people driving elsewhere to shop.

On Aldi, there are “some attractive features of their application, but accessing directly from the A30 is not one of them”, they say, and it would not be possible for shoppers to use the park and ride access road from St Thomas’ roundabout without it needing to be rebuilt.

Meanwhile, parking for customers at the BP garage with its M&S shop is “grossly inadequate”. Motorists pulling out cannot see pedestrians or cyclists coming from the north and there are many incidents that end in abuse.

To make matters worse, “selfish” drivers park on the pavement to use the shop, and have sworn at shop workers when asked to move. Truckers, too, pull in at the kerb to buy snacks, bringing traffic to a standstill.

There have been several accidents and double yellow lines are needed, along with a left turn only exit from the forecourt.

On top of all that, say the councillors, there are numerous accidents on the bend by the allotments, jams at the lights by the crematorium, and 500 new homes going up at Hampton Park II, while cyclists desperately need a safe, level route into town.