THE owner of a vintage shop that closed down suddenly is seeking to reassure her clients that their items and money are safe.

The Vintage Quarter on Winchester Street shut without warning, leaving customers who had left goods for sale at the shop wondering what had become of their items.

The shop was run by Lynn Sabin who would sell vintage clothes, gifts and goods on behalf of her customers in return for a commission.

Perle Dilworth contacted the Journal to say she supplied around £500 of goods to be sold at the Vintage Quarter before it suddenly shut down. “I went in to see her (Ms Sabin) about two or three weeks ago and she said she was moving at the start of August.

“I was waiting to find out where she had moved to but we haven’t heard any news and the shop is deserted.

“After contacting the owners of the site I managed to gain access recover a few of my items but it was nothing like the £500 of stock that she still has.

“I have tried to contact her but she is not returning any of my calls.

“She has had ample time to contact me and I’m interested to find out if anybody else has had the same problems as me.”

Until Monday, shop owner Lynn Sabin was still selling stock online.

After the Journal contacted her she has since changed her website to say: “The Vintage Quarter is moving. Please email us at if there are any questions”.

Ms Sabin said: “If people have any stock that they wish returned please contact me and I will ship it back to my supplier in Salisbury.

“Only one or two people have yet to get in contact with me and I haven’t received any complaints.”

In the meantime, Ms Sabin said all the items from the Salisbury shop were being safely stored.

She said she planning to open a new store but declined to disclose its location.