A YOUNG driver killed a married couple in a "devastating" crash after taking a gram of cocaine in the days before the collision.

Jamie Myers had been tailgating a vehicle in front of him, which obscured his view of the road ahead, as he drove north on the Higher Shaftesbury Road in Compton Abbas on the afternoon of Sunday, April 2.

Without slowing or indicating, he crossed the carriageway into the boundary road leading to the airfield.

Sid and Barbara Samways, 74 and 71, had been travelling south on their Kawasaki motorcycle. They were just metres from Myers' Ford Escort when he suddenly turned, and were unable to stop in time.

Mr Samways died at the scene. Mrs Samways died in hospital four days later.

At 11pm - some seven and a half hours after the crash - Myers had 211 micrograms of benzoylecgonine, a metabolite of cocaine, per litre of blood. The legal limit is 50 per litre of blood.

Myers, 25, admitted two counts of causing death by driving without due care and consideration while over the specified drug drive limit and two of causing death by driving while unlicensed. His licence was revoked in March 2017 because he had six points within the first two years of passing his test.

Myers appeared at Bournemouth Crown Court this morning to be sentenced.

Stuart Ellacott, prosecuting, said Myers had driven so close to the vehicle in front that its driver had clearly seen a "young man with a pale face" in her rear view mirror.

Mr and Mrs Samways' motorcycle should have been visible for more than 300 metres, it was heard.

“[He] turned right into the path of the oncoming motorcycle in such a way they were unable to avoid what turned out to be a devastating collision,” Mr Ellacott said.

“There seems to have been no reason for them not to be seen. They were there to be seen, but were not.”

Myers admitted taking “powerful cocaine” on the Friday night before the collision. Experts say the drug was ingested between 24 and 48 hours before.

Mark Ruffell, mitigating, said Myers is “not some cocky youth thinking he knows everything, believing he could drive like Lewis Hamilton.”

“He is someone who simply did not perceive of the risk we can all foresee if you travel too close to the car in front and then pull out – you cannot predict what might be on the road travelling towards you,” the barrister said.

“That’s what the cause of this accident is. It’s being too close to the car in front and pulling out having not had sufficient view of the road ahead.”

Myers, of Watery Lane, Donhead St Mary, has been left “devastated by the effect of his actions,” it was heard.

Judge Peter Johnson said Myers had taken a "large quantity" of cocaine, the comedown from which would have contributed to poor decision-making and a delayed reaction time.