A MAN was bitten by a dog while out running in Harnham.

Police say at about 11.15am on Friday, December 29, the man was running through the woods on the lower path of Harnham slope, which runs from Old Blandford Road toward the chalk pit, when he was bitten on the thigh by a greyhound-type dog which was off the lead.

The man spoke briefly with the owner of the dog, who is described as a woman in her early 20s and about 5ft5in tall with brown hair. She had a young baby with her.

The woman called the dog "Jack" and explained that it was new to her and was a rescue dog.

Police say the runner did not initially realise the level of his injury and continued on his run, he later found that he had a nasty wound on his thigh and attended hospital for treatment.

An appeal posted on Salisbury Police Facebook said: "The owner of the dog involved is unlikely to be aware of the level of injury and we would like her to make contact with police so the the incident can be properly recorded and resolved.

"We're also keen to hear from local residents or users of this path who might be able to help us identify and speak with the dog owner."

Anyone with information should contact PCSO Simon Ward at Bourne Hill, Salisbury, by calling 101.