A MASAI warrior and Kenyan safari guide wowed children at Godolphin Prep School with stories of tracking big game when he visited.

Jackson Looseyia is a Masai elder, has been a safari guide for 20 years and is a presenter on the BBC’s Big Cat Diary. He has been visiting the UK with Hampshire-based safari specialist tour operator Aardvark Safaris and stopped off at Godolphin Prep to tell the children and teachers about his exciting job.

He amused them with stories about walking to school avoiding dangerous wildlife and giving teachers novel excuses such as ‘Sir, there were elephants blocking my path’. He also told them what you have to do when it looks like wildlife will charge – curl into a ball for a leopard, climb a tree for buffalo and stare back at a lion.

Mr Looseyia said: “It was wonderful to meet the children. They asked great questions and I really hope some will get the opportunity to visit Africa when they get older.”