AUTHOR Sir Terry Pratchett’s work is to feature on a stamp being issued by Royal Mail to celebrate the very best of British.

Sir Terry, who lives in Broad Chalke, will be joined by Harry Potter author JK Rowling and the Thunderbirds in the series of stamps, the first set of which will be issued this month.

The first set of stamps in the Best of British series will be FAB: The Genius of Gerry Anderson, which will focus on the work of the puppet legend responsible for Stingray and Joe 90 as well as the hugely popular Thunderbirds.

Voldemort and Dumbledore from Rowling’s works will be among figures featured in the Magical Realms series, along with characters from Sir Terry’s Discworld novels and CS Lewis’ Narnia.

And a range of animals - the African Elephant, Mountain Gorilla, Siberian Tiger, Polar Bear, Amur Leopard, Iberian Lynx, Red Panda, Black Rhinoceros, African Wild Dog and Golden Lion Tamarin - will mark the 50th anniversary of the World Wildlife Fund in March.

Popular musicals from the last 100 years will also get an outing, as will iconic Royal Shakespeare Company productions of the Bard’s greatest plays.