MEMBERS of the Salisbury Plain Military Wives Choir joined hundreds of singers from choirs across the country on Thursday to launch a new album.

About 650 members of military wives choirs came together to launch the Stronger Together album and The Military Wives Choirs Foundation at Wellington Barracks in London.

They also filmed the video for Stronger Together, breaking a record for the biggest video shoot in music history.

The album was filmed over 20 days covering a distance of 4,500 miles, including choirs in Germany and Cyprus. Two of the tracks on the album include all 760 members of the combined military wives choirs.

Nicky Clarke, chairman and founder of the Military Wives Choirs Foundation, said: "Despite all the apparent glitz and glamour, the Military Wives Choirs Foundation is here simply to support women in the military community and bring them closer together through singing.

“In what can be a lonely and isolated life, having a choir that is open to every lady wherever they and their family are posted, provides a vital sense of community and support."