POWERCHAIR Football is gaining popularity across the country for severely physically disabled people of all ages.

The sport was designed to allow even the most handicapped children and adults in the country to play football, whether for recreation or competition.

Players use specially-adapted powerchairs with bumpers attached enabling them to strike the ball. Each team has four players, consisting of a goalkeeper and three outfield players. Matches are 40 minutes long and played upon a full-sized basketball court.

powerchair football is a noncontact sport.

At the moment there are at least 40 registered Powerchair Football clubs in the UK, however there are none so far in the Salisbury area. All it takes is for a number of people to show some interest and a taster session can be arranged to demonstrate how exciting and lifechanging powerchair football can be.

Call 01722 331504 or email salisburyPFC@yahoo.co.uk.

Alternatively, find @salisburyPFC on Twitter or Powerchair Football in Salisbury on Facebook.