SALISBURY MP John Glen has joined in the fight to save the city's football club.

After the club had their hearing in front of an independent appeals panel cancelled at the last minute, Mr Glen wrote directly to the Sports Minister as well as the FA to try and get all the clubs issues resolved.

He wrote: “I am writing to ask if you would be kind enough to intervene and assist in saving Salisbury’s football club, which was recently sold for £1 to a Moroccan ‘investor’ with the full knowledge and support of the footballing authorities.”

“His ‘ownership’ was successfully challenged by a fresh consortium of local business people, who stand ready to pay off the club’s debts, secure a place in a league and take the club forward in the best interests of the community.”

“Many people in Salisbury feel that the club has already been a victim and instead of allowing honest men to rescue it, the FA is now actively standing in their way.”

Mr Glen has already spoken openly about the FA’s fit and proper person’s test, which had allowed Otail Touzar to take control of the club in the first place.

Salisbury’s MP is set to speak about the issue again in the House of Commons to try and change the way the FA deem someone suitable to own a football club.

“In due course, questions will clearly have to be asked about the efficacy of the fit and proper persons test and I do intend to speak in the debate on the 4th September but, in the meantime, for an individual who has already caused so much damage to be able to tie the hands of those seeking to put it right seems to defy all natural justice and common sense.”

“My constituents appreciate that the new season is approaching and time is running out but the situation is still salvageable and I would be grateful for anything that could be done to at least allow Salisbury City FC the chance to make its case.”