PROSPECTIVE young athletes from City of Salisbury stormed to an impressive medal haul in the south west championships at Exeter.

Staged on a track so newly laid it still has to be officially measured and certificated, Jacob Collins not only took gold in the 4x100m relay but added a silver in the shot put and bronze in the 100m.

Just as versatile was Ethan Ness, who also took gold in the relay, silver in the shot and bronze in the javelin.

Other gold medals went to Alex Mundell in the 800m and in her 100m relay, Jonathon Batchelor in the 300m and the 100m relay, Callum MacTaggart in the 100m relay and bronze in the 400m, Emma Clarke in the 100m relay, Alice Smith in the 100m relay, Iso Norris in the shot and bronze in the 100m relay along with and Katie George, Julia Cook and Meg Siddle.

The medal collection also featured Dan Pereira with a silver in the 80m hurdles; Jake Ness with a bronze in the 200m, Georgina Henry with silver in javelin and bronze in shot, Abigail Burn with bronze in the 1500m and 100m relay and Ottilie Knight with a bronze in javelin.