RECORDS were broken at a dry and sunny Gurston Down on the bank holiday weekend, writes Luke Clifford.

In the British Hillclimb Championship, Scott Moran, in his Gould GR61X, was the fastest driver in the racing cars over 2000cc class, managing 25.76 and then a massive new hill record of 25.37, coming first in both of the Top 12 Run Offs.

“I really had to dig deep to get the record,” he said.

“I've been chasing it for a few years and am really pleased to have finally done it.

“It's a great way to thank my dad for all his hard work supporting me all these years as his last Gurston was in the Gould.”

New cars for Miles Horne, Roy Barker and Chris Cannell proved problematic in testing, leaving just two local drivers racing on Sunday.

Adrian Lewis, from Salisbury, in his Westfield Megabusa had a bit more competition in his class, the Roadgoing Specialist Production cars, finishing seventh with yet another personal best of 34.96.

Stapleford's Stephen Moore came first in class, Modified Series Production Saloon cars over 2000cc, in his Mitsubishi Evo 6, doing a cracking 33.68.

Nic Mann in his turbo Manic Beattie improved his time again and broke the 28- second mark, with 27.99 in the Sports Libre class over 2000cc.

The final event of the season at Gurston is on Sunday, September 7.