GRAHAM Kemp is resigning as manager of Bemerton Heath Harlequins after reaching the end of his tether with players' lack of commitment.

The boss will step down at the end of the season after serving a two-year spell with the Wessex Premier side.

Throughout this season, he says he's struggled to field a side each week, with players coming up with excuses at the 11th hour.

In some cases, he has turned up to games with a squad of just 13.

"It's become increasingly difficult to attract players," the 52-year-old told JournalSport.

"I've become an organiser not a manager and have been spending a lot of my own personal time trying to sign people on.

"I live in Poole and travelling doesn't faze me as I've got the time to commit to football, but people's priorities have changed.

"When I was playing, I didn't do anything else but play football on a Saturday and only a missed a game if I had to."

Kemp took over at Western Way from long-serving Ian Chalk in March 2015.

His departure marks an end of 40 years in football as both a player and manager.

Kemp added: "I've spoken to the committee and my departure has been finalised.

"I will miss it. Bemerton is a great club which needs to get someone local involved.

"They may have to take a step back to take a step forward.

"Players like Jack Slade has stuck with it and they need to keep the two Jakes (Burgess and Rawkins)."

When asked what he might do in his spare time, Kemp replied: "I haven't watched a live professional game of football for 25 years so will do that on a Saturday and recoup a bit of money by working as well as spending time with my family."