TWO men have been banned from all Salisbury FC games for a year following incidents prior to the Hereford game on March 25.

The men were believed to be have been heavily involved in disturbances in which glass ashtrays and bottles were thrown into the street when local men clashed with travelling supporters in the city centre.

Two other men were given Acceptable Behaviour Contracts (ABC) which formally state that they will be banned from matches if they are involved in any antisocial or disorderly behaviour on football days in future.

Inspector Pete Sparrow of Salisbury Police said: “These young men appear determined to make trouble at matches and ruin the experience for genuine football fans, they have only themselves to blame for the action which has been taken by the club. We will continue to work closely with SFC to ensure that the genuine supporters are able to enjoy matches in a safe environment and minimise impact on the local community.”

One of the men who received a ban, Josh Pulling, took to social media to criticise the decision which he described as a “joke”.

He posted on Facebook: “Yes they've banned me for no apparent reason bringing up the incidents that occurred with Hereford as there excuse when there is no evidence I was involved or took park in any of it.”

Martin Staples, Safety Officer for Salisbury FC said: “Salisbury Football club are committed to making sure all who attend the Ray Mac have a safe and enjoyable experience. Any behaviour that goes against the ethos of the club and does not adhere to our stadium rules and regulations are dealt with accordingly. Salisbury football club acknowledge that during match days this responsibility extends outside of the ground and any poor or abusive behaviour caused in the city will also be dealt with. With the information sharing agreement now in place with Wiltshire police, Salisbury Football club have been able to ascertain the individuals involved during the incidents at the Hereford game and will issue two bans and two acceptable behaviour contracts (ABC).”

The police will now be working alongside Salisbury FC, sharing information about individuals who cause trouble before, during and post-match in an effort to prevent further incidents and improve safety for the real football fans.