SALISBURY FC chairman David Phillips has stepped down from the position with immediate effect.

Phillips still remains a director at the club and was chairman since the club reformed as Salisbury FC back in 2014.

This was the devoted supporter’s second season in charge as chairman.

The club released a statement that read: “Following a board meeting this afternoon it has been agreed that the club would no longer have a director acting as chairman.

“David Phillips has accordingly stepped down from the role with immediate effect.”

Fans took to social media following the news of Phillips’ departure, with fans showing their support.

Peter Morgan posted on Salisbury FC Facebook supporters page: “Don’t think people know how much Dave does for the club, players and supporters, the single most important person at the club. Bad day for Salisbury FC.”

Dave Todd added: “Bad times, a hard working genuine and honest guy with the long term future of the club at heart. I fear for the long term now.”

Phillips who planned to retire back in 2009 after a successful 27 years running an insurance brokers’ business, but told JournalSport last August that he had no regrets on helping a football club return to the city.

Following his first year as chairman at the club he said: “I cannot say it was the most enjoyable year, it has intruded into my personal life at times.”

When asked for a comment about his departure today (Thursday) Phillips said: “Suggest you refer your enquiry back to the club.”

A further statement from the club posted on their website said:

“Following the comments after yesterday announcement by the club we will try and clarify some points, raised by email and on social media.  

“Obviously, it wrong to discuss the conversations that take place in a Board meeting, these conversations must be treated as confidential, but we don’t feel that any confidences are been broken by confirming the following: 

“In any Boardroom, or organisation, if there any conflicting views on the way forward, these can be hopefully resolved by talking. At times this doesn’t happen – in which a majority view has to take the way forward.

“We all appreciate the time and effort that Dave has made over the past two years. 

“The finances of the club, are fine, we have made a small loss this year, which has been covered already by the directors. The accounts and management information preparation historically has been of some concern and we accept should have been addressed earlier by all the board, and is now being dealt with. 

“Steve Claridge’s budget for player wages, has been fixed at the same rate as last year, with no increases.  Steve worked within his budget last year.

“Whist in an embryo state, we are discussing how to implement a management committee structure to operate comprising existing volunteers and supporters who want to have a greater involvement in the operation of the club. 

“Some comments talk about Ian Ridley, who is no long a director and whilst welcome at the ground has no involvement with any board decisions.

“There is no cause for concern, anyone who wants to know anything just has to ask. We are all committed to the welfare of the club and to ensure that it doesn’t go in the same direction as the club has in the past, but also, we believe that Salisbury should play at a higher level and we can do with the existing set up.”