SALISBURY FC boss Steve Claridge assess his players and current trialists at the club before looking to add more new players to the side.

The Whites have already signed six players ahead of the new season; Jack Wannell, Chris Shephard, Stuart Green, Marvin Brooks, Mark Francis and Charlie Searle.

And they have players coming back from injury including Danny Young and Callum Brockway who missed a fair amount of last season.

Claridge said: “There isn’t likely to be any more signings.

“I will look at people’s fitness, I will look at the trialists and I will look at who impresses and who doesn’t.

“I will see what happens with Danny Young, Callum Hart, Calum Brockway.

“If they all come through, we won’t need to get anyone else in. And if they don’t, they might be areas that we need to bring in.”

Despite the season ending at the beginning of May, Claridge has been busy.

he said: “It’s been non-stop to get the people that I’ve got and to get the people to re-sign.

“It’s not been easy, we are trying to replace 94 goals - it’s not an ideal situation.”

But he also added: “We are well in budget we are stable at this stage.

“If we need to push it out a bit more we will, but I want to see what I’ve got so first. I want to see how the three boys that we didn’t have last year come through before we do anything but there is room for one or two more.”