SALISBURY boss Steve Claridge doesn’t know his best team.

The Whites currently have six players who are unavailable to play, and Claridge has to keep changing the squad depending on who’s available.

Salisbury are currently seventh in the league with two wins, one draw and one loss from their opening four games, but there has been no consistency within the team, as players are either unavailable or injured.

Claridge told JournalSport: “I’m constantly thinking about what team to play, it shouldn’t be like this we are four games into the season and we have got six people injured and we haven’t kicked a ball.

“It seems like it’s one step forward, then you think you’re making ground, then you get knocked back because of things that are not in your control and that’s the most frustrating thing.”

He added: “We are constantly asking people to do different things, I don’t want to keep doing that all the time.

“We want to be able to work on something in the week and you should be able to expect to put that in to practice on a Saturday, but that’s not the case because every time we play we get an injury, so then we are constantly changing things around.”

Kane O’Keefe who would predominantly play in midfield has been playing as a forward and has scored four goals so far this season, but he will miss the Whites’ trip to Farnborough in the FA Cup and, as Mark Francis has work commitments and is likely to move closer to home, the Whites are in need of a striker.

The Whites boss added: “We need to bring in forwards. We will have a look around and see what’s out there.

“We’ve tried all summer to bring people in and it’s been impossible, everyone seems to have players not playing, but they won’t let them go.”

Adding: “There is no point bringing people in who aren’t better than what we’ve already got.”

Claridge started last season with the same sort of issues with players missing through injury. He said: “I would just like to be able to get out there and have a pool of players that are fit, rather than have loads missing.

“It’s just a raft of people continually breaking down and getting injured.

“We haven’t got a squad big enough.”

The Whites next game is away at Hampshire side Farnborough in the FA Cup first qualifying round on Saturday, September 2, followed by another away trip to Gloucestershire side Shortwood United on Saturday, September 9 .