SALISBURY City FC have reached out to FA chairman Greg Dyke in a plea to save the club.

Whites’ CEO Paul Smith has written to Mr Dyke outlining the club’s current situation and the mismanagement by former owners.

Mr Smith says the Ray Mac outfit is refusing to throw in the towel and he hopes that justice will prevail.

In the letter sent to Mr Dyke, who lives near Salisbury, Mr Smith claims the club are in a state of crisis and their 67 year history is in tatters.

Mr Smith talks about the lack of investment from Moroccan businessman Otail Touzar, who bought the clubin May with Mark Winter, and the financial strain the club has been put under due to significant legal fees, costing the consortium board more than £40,000. And an appearance this week to High Court and an FA appeal hearing is set to cost additional £60,000.

Despite several injunctions put in place against Mr Touzar, there is still work to do for board members David Phillips, Jacqueline Goddard, Graeme Mundy, Jeremy Harewood and Mark Winter before the Whites are back on their feet.

This comes after the club issued a statement last week blasting the FA and Conference for not allowing club officials to attend the independent appeals’ panel hearing at Wembley, which was rejected.

Mr Smith hopes the letter to Mr Dyke, who visited Old Sarum last season while City were in Football Conference, will boost the club’s chances of seeing football this campaign.